Sunday, February 28, 2010

Y0Y0 peeps !! Watch th drama sh0w tt i talk b0ut 0n sat .. th sh0w is seri0usly nt awes0me which i expected larh ! Startinq i was lyk super enthusiastic b0ut wad th sh0w was g0nna sh0w b0ut , thn is lyk th sh0w start by a grp 0f 14 pe0ple singinq a "freed0m" s0ng & pr0ducinq music by usinq th chair & st0mp 0n th fl00r . -.- wth , n0 meaninq wan n0rh . Sthm0re , mus listen until veri clearly thn can understand wad they talkinq b0ut l0rh :/ Wh0le grp 0f teenages sat e fr0nt r0le , thn is lyk whn e sh0w gt 50min break tt tme, they all gather t0gether , & talk until veri l0ud , seri0usly dun understand wad s0 excitinq b0ut th sh0w l0rh . 0nli understand s0me parts 0f th scene , th sh0w main theme & c0l0ur is m0stly 'black & white" .. t0ld mum t0 b0rr0w th bk fr library t0 read , t0 hav a better understandinq l0rh . -.-
Sun events ...
Went t0 cut my hair at th usual hair sal0n tt i alwys went . She help mii layered my hair & cut my fringe c0s i dun wan t0 pin up mahh . N0w my hair behind l00k m0re sh0rter l0rh . G0nna reb0rn my wh0le hair again durinq june h0lidays . (:

Waitinq f0r th day .. it sure did nt arrived yet .


Friday, February 26, 2010

W0ke up in th m0rninq , legs & butt super pain l0rhx , lyk cramp sia , cant even squat 0s0 man . Expected 0s0 larhx . last yr x-c0untry 0s0 lyk tt . :/
G0 f0r eng & chi tuiti0n as usual , lter in th eveninq g0nna g0 c drama sh0w wif my parents at bugis library ther , will be watchinq at th theatre r00m ; t0 kill a m0ckinqbird (: L00kinq f0rward f0r th sh0w :D
Simplicity is my passi0n !


Met Zhijun , yv0nne & huien near chi garden ther , thn went t0 jap garden t0gether . Yv0nne t0ld mii they run fr jur0nq east interchange t0 th mrt stati0n , nearly n0 eneergy lerhh . Al0t pe0ple was lyk at jap garden whn we rch ther , take attendance tt tme , super h0t man . Netballers nv c0me , s0 nt s0 stressful 0s0 , c0s if they c0me sure run veri fast de mahh . :]
Didn't gt t0p 20 f0r X-c0untry :[ 0nli achieved t0p 35 nia ... :( RuiQi gt 1st f0r Sec2s girls l0rhhs -.- Tis yr 2/6 less thn 8 pe0ple gt t0p 40 l0hs :[ Rch hm after X-C0untry thn bath & sleep man . Extremely tired :/ Wth !! L0se al0t 0f sweat t0dae !! Immediately after finish runninq , felt lyk v0mitinq :X Head is lyk super dizzy , feel lyk faintinq man :/
Huien & Zhijun went yv0nne's w0rkplace at macd0nalds ther .. cant believe they still hav th energy t0 travel till ther man .
Im extremely tired man . G0nna sleep f0r th wh0le day .


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

G00d luck c0mm0nwealth-ians f0r tmr X-c0untry (!!)
:D Jia y0us ! (:
Im bck fr sch man ! T0dae recieved sci c0mm0ntest :D gt 22/35 :D dahua gt e highest f0r girls l0rhx thn weijie gt e highest f0r b0iis (: M0rninq , thn realised tt t0dae gt chi test -.- anw, cher 0s0 say dun nid revise de ; 0nli paper 2 nia ... wtf larh!? left 0nli lyk 1 sentence t0 write thn finish le leyy .. cher jiu say mus c0llect le :( Arghh !! Gt bck my chi spellinq gt 100/100 :D Al0t 0f pe0ple pass f0r spellinq 0s0 xD
0MG!! X-c0untry is jus tmr man ! O: Butterflies in my st0mach man ! ... dahua, citrine, estella & amanda dun nid c0me tmr l0rhx ..c0s they gt match mahh . Thn 0s0 dun hav e netball girls t0 c0mpete wif us f0r e t0p 20 :D HAHA(: g0nna gt t0p 15 man ! :P

Ch0rch0r :D Dun ever giv up easily , c0s u may regret it f0rever .


Im bck fr sch man ! T0dae, Ms Lee didn't c0me t0dae , s0 ms siti take us f0r 0ur math class test & giv us hw 0s0 . Math class was lyk super easy l0rhx . 0nli 6ques & cher was lyk sayin till e paper will be al0t 0f ques ?! l0l!
H0me-ec0ns test was lyk quite easy . 0nli 4 multiple-ques & e rest is lyk fill in e blanks wan n0rhh . Bake sp0nge cupcake f0r h0me-ec0ns t0dae !! Better thn e 0ther grp l0rhx , they bake e wh0le cake instead , thn after tt still nid cut half . S0 mafan sthm0re l0rhx . T0dae assembly theme , is b0ut X-C0untry , 0bvi0usly is Vilau explaininq t0 us again ... Girls gt t0 run 3km while b0iis is 4.2 man ! 0MG!! We gt t0 run lyk an0ther 0.6km instead 0f 2.4km thn jiu run finish le l0 ... :D Tsk ! Sthm0re, we Sec2s first 1 t0 run leyy rite? nv giv us rest first l0rhh ... :[ say wad mus sh0w e Sec1s e r0ute c0s last yr we hav alrdy run bef0re lerh mahh ?! wher gt lyk tt wan l0rhx , is all excuse man !!
Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Y0Y0!! Learnt new b0llyw00d steps again . Uh, Mr Adam teach us quite al0t 0f dance steps 0s0 . Jingmin kanna called by index n0. -.-" l0l!!
Mrs cr0thers didn't c0me f0r drama t0dae . Finish e wh0le act2 scene f0r musical lerhh :D Finally man ! Bt mrs cr0thers c0me, sure change wan n0rhh . Ba0yi c0me ystdae s0 she t00k e m0ther's r0le bck , still mus teach us all e scene & lines tt she missed 0ut . :[ Fri, w0n't hav drama c0s X c0untry mahh . :]
;Ch0rCh0r :D


Pe0ple!! Didn't p0st f0r lyk s0 l0ng man ! Sci ct 0n m0n . 0MG(: Sci ct is lyk s0 easy l0rhh . :] HAHA!! Hardw0rk didn't went d0wn e drain ... (: HAHA:P l00kinq f0rward t0 n0e my results man . :D Ms Ye did revise wif us durinq sci less0n bef0re e ct (: Heng arhh !! If nt h0rhx, sure l0se tt 3marks 0ne n0rhh ..
Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Monday, February 22, 2010

Think p0sitive alwys & hav a enj0yable b'dae(:
0MG!! Euu tw0 are twins in different characters man!! Same date t00!!
;x0x0 ch0rch0r(:
Cant believe nicks0n & darren hav e same date f0r their b'dae man . Tw0 extremely different characters & attiude man . O: 0ne s0 guai ; sthm0re s0cks highhigh de , an0ther wan alwys play de sia :D Didn't use c0m t0dae c0s gt t0 revise f0r tmr sci ct :] G0nna predict whether will i g0 f0r sci remedial man . Studies stress man! G0nna hav sci ct 0n m0n , thn math & h0me-ec0ns 0n wed O: Uh, went f0r math tuiti0n as usual :] Mum didn't c0me fetch mii c0s she went t0 visit grandma .. think she g0nna hav 0perati0n 0n tis wed bahh ..
Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can u c th baby beside th male AhMeng ?
S0 cute l0rhx (:

Family 0f AhMeng eatinq f00d & drinkinq lime juice :P

Guess whether th w0men beside mii is real 0r fake? ;D

Th g0at is lyk s0 ad0rable man :B

SMILES:D Ride 0n e p0ny ; R0sie .

H0rse aka Belle ^^"

A grass patch 0f c0l0urful fl0wers f0rms a HEART♥

Mummy & I ♥♥ ; behind e tiger z0diac :P

Refreshinq scenery (:

AhMeng's mem0rial :[
Mem0ries & generati0ns ...

l00ks lyk fake wan rite ? HAHA!!
l00ks s0 still actually a real seali0n luh :D

Sh0w 0ff man :/ Ahmeng (:

Went t0 e singap0re z00 0n sat (: Went t0 eat at kfc bef0re expl0rinq e wh0le place . 0MG!! saw l0ts 0f angm0s at kfc l0rhx -.-" After tt , started expl0rinq & t00k l0ts 0f ph0t0s expecially e AhMeng man ! Is lyk he super sh0w 0ff l0rhh , keep p0sing ther t0 attract 0ur attenti0n sia . -.- Saw e wh0le AhMeng's family , thn gt 0ne ; i think e m0ther bahh , carry e baby ahmeng :3 super cute l0rhx , e baby lyk veri fragile sia : Walk f0r lyk 3hrs ..legs super pain l0rhx , bt manage t0 take ph0t0s 0f all e animals . (: Saw s0me fake pe0ple at e kamp0ng h0use , if nite tme g0 m0re scary l0rhh .. u w0uld th0t is real pe0ple standinq beside u sia :X Daddy is e first 0ne wh0 find 0ut e kamp0ng hse wan l0rhx , he super interested in tis kind 0f fake pe0ple luh :/ Went t0 sit 0n e p0ny 0s0 , thn they help us take ph0t0 , after tt can g0 c whether u wan buy ernt mahh .
Left z00 at ar0und 5plus c0s they cl0se at 6pm mahh , 0s0 mus g0 c0llect e ph0t0 , if nt lter al0t 0f pe0ple . After tt, went l0t1 t0 eat dinner . Br0ught shirts fr0m th0se kind 0f tr0lley cart jus beside Bluez 0nli . H0MESWEETH0ME(:
Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


(: hiii pe0ple ;D Sch jus gave 0ut e f0rm 0n tis yr 27th Annual X-C0untry tt w0uld be held 0n 26Feb (!!) 0MG :X Th place is lyk excatly e same as last yr l0rhh . wth ? Gt t0 walk fr Chinese Garden t0 Jap Garden again man . Still rbr gt 16th place f0r last yr X-c0untry .. g0nna gt t0p 15 man ! (: Super anxi0us man whn talkin b0ut X-c0untry , is lyk tmr u g0nna run alrdy l0rhh . -.- Tsk!
Mrs cr0thers did c0me t0 drama t0day :] She rch drama at ar0und 3plus s0 mr th0mas t00k us f0r drama first , c0s he wanted t0 c whn we end f0r e musical rehearsal . Started rehearsinq f0r e Act 2 le c0s mrs cr0thers change e wh0le act 2 script . Thn , ba0yi didn;t c0me t0dae c0s she at china mahh , s0 t00k e m0ther's r0le instead (: Is lyk s0 fun l0rhh , actinq e m0ther's r0le :D t0tally enj0yed myself man !! xD h0pe tis day will nv end man . t0tally l00kinq f0rward t0 e nx drama rehearsal !!

Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

T0dae gt eng situati0nal writinq class test . The scenari0 tt ms rachel gave was quite easy l0rhh . Is quite similar t0 e scenari0 tt i praticed ystdae l0rhh , at least hardw0rk didn't went d0wn e drain ... :D Chi cher didn't c0me t0dae , s0 we started d0inq 0ur 0wn things .. Thn, Ms ye giv us bck 0ur sci class test papers (: haha:D Gt 13/20 (!!) F0r sci ct mus w0rk even harder .. dun nid g0 f0r remedial c0s gt 65/100 :D Ms ye 0s0 t0ld us tt nx m0n gt sci ct s0 she tell us e t0pics tt were be c0verinq :] 0MG-.- gt t0 mem0rise n0tes le .. !!!
Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


(: Jus came bck fr nh larhh ?! 0s0 n0 pe0ple l0rhh :/ M0stly is juni0rs; sec1s g0 bck nia .. lyk 0nli dahua, jarryl & pei mian went bck nia :( I think they all went bck 0n fri l0rhh-.- Saw arynna , bt she c0me f0r a while thn went west mall meet her friends le .
Saw mrs lee c0me bck nh, c0s she say they invite her f0r e nh CNY celebrati0n. Thn went general 0ffice , saw Mrs L0h , Mdm f0ng & e new principal . 0MG!! The new principal is lyk super y0ung larhh , cant believe she is e new principal man . Tsk! Didn't saw mdm f0ng f0r lyk many yrs le larhh , gt white hair le l0hs-.-" Mrs l0h wear until lyk 0ne big h0ngba0 l0rhh . I think she lyk bec0me fatter sia -.-" n0 0ffence (: HAHA xD Went c staffr00m gt any familar chers nt , thn saw ms l00 !! hahah , alm0st cant rbr her man , c0s she keep l0ng hair mahh . Until lyk dahua call her , i thn "0hh ..hiii" ..wth rite ?! She was lyk veri sh0cked tt we c0me bck c0s 2yrs nv c her le mahh ... Wanted t0 meet bryan c0s his cca end at 4plus mahh, still can rush here; but is lyk 0nli mii & dahua nia , veri b0red s0 waited f0r peimian t0 c0me bef0re g0in h0me . :[

Gt bck my hist0ry ct papers ; gt 18/25 (: win nicks0n man :D HAHA!! He s00 thick-skinned l0rhh ..still say wad if he gt c0mplete Secti0nA c0mfirm can gt higher thn me wan ..wth?! t00 bad lurh , he 0s0 cnnt turn bck e time mahh , talk s0 much crap f0r wad !? :X
T0dae durinq assembly gt CNY c0ncert ..s0 they invited e Ayar Rajah 0ld f0lks t0 watch e c0ncert wif us . Is lyk e first perf0rmance was by e sec2s malay students , they use recycle items t0 f0rm a band by makinq music .. saw m0stly is students fr 2/7 . Thn gt e chi dancers dancinq . After tt, gt a student fr e upper sec which is a 100% china-kind e girl , suddenly c0me 0ut & say e chi w0rds sh0wn 0n e p0werp0int .. wth ?! Her v0ice super high-pitch man !! Thn listen t0 her accent can n0e tt she fr china le l0hs . Is lyk whn she finish speakinq, every0ne lyk clap hands & scream till veri l0ud sia :D Thn, still gt wadd T0tal defence rap 0s0 . Gt 3grps 0f upper sec students nid t0 use e tis yr theme ; I WILL t0 create a rap . Saw abdul's grp !! HAHA(: super funny l0rhh :D Thn after tt went nh wif dahua .

Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Pe0ple!! Pls TAGG man!! bl0g is g0nna dead:/
Leave hm at ar0und 11plus c0s nid g0 wif mum & her friend t0 h0spital t0 help grandma cut hair ... sat her car c0s she drivinq us g0 mahh , m0re easier 0s0(: Rch ther lyk ar0und 12pm ..c0s grandma's hari veri l0ng le mahh , thn she 0nli trust my mum's friend t0 cut f0r her bef0re she g0 f0r e 0perati0n ..After tt, waited f0r aunt & uncle t0 c0me bai nian bef0re leavinq e h0spital . Saw all my c0usins (: Betty was lyk blurblur de l0rhh :D HAHA:] Tsk! Uncle w0re purple ckeckers!! Same as mii i dun reali lyk e shirt design l0rhh .. :[
After tt, went n0vena k0pitiam ther t0 eat lunch bef0re g0in t0 plaza singapura t0 watch " Percy Jacks0n & The lightning theif " !! 0MG!! e sh0w was lyk super nice larhh(: 2hrs man(: Percy Jacks0n is s00 h0tt man :D *gees* HAHA:] TskTsk!! :D Im betrayinq tayl0r lautner man!! g0shh!! I'ill still l0VE tayl0r lautner f0rever(!!) 0kayy;D (c0ugh,c0ugh)

Sh0w ended b0ut 6.15pm , thn t00k train d0wn t0 0rchard ther t0 eat steamb0at at e internati0nal buildinq ther ..named c0c0 restaurant (: Mum & Dad 0rdered buffet s0 lyk they jus served us all e dishes & 0s0 helped us put in e ingredients inside e s0up 0s0 :P
Ate till quite full l0rhh ...jus e rite am0unt 0f ingredients f0r 3pers0ns . After tt , H0MESWEETH0ME(!!)

Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Mummy feedinq th l0ry birdie ;D

W0rld 0f darkness O: 0wl(:

Din0 descendants ...

Such a r0und EGG!! O:

Egypt army 0fficers ...

Ph0t0 sh0t wif th pelican (:

Tw0 l0vebirds feedinq them their f00d :P

Feedinq e l0ry birdie :D

Valentine Swans♥♥

M0000 .... C0W!!!

Went JurBirdPark 0n m0n:] wth?! Is lyk rch ther lerhh, s00 many pe0ple queuinq up jus t0 pay f0r e entrance fee l0rhh-.- Thn c0s gt abit 0f drizzinq rain s0 my father jus faster queue f0r e ticket l0rhh g00d thinq e queue veri fast if nt still mus wait d0wn ther ?! Gt tw0 indian man jus t0 get inside e queue, at ther quarrelinq lyk wan t0 fight sia ..they fight in tamil language s0 is lyk cant understand wad they quarrelinq b0ut l0rhh:/ Is lyk e weather keep 0n raininq l0rhh:[ mus take umbrella sthm0re whn takinq ph0t0s !? Bt g00d thinq manage t0 walk finish everythinq tt is sh0wn 0n e map ..t00k l0ts 0f pics 0s0 ..walk f0r lyk few hrs l0rhh:/ legs super tired man:[ Gt t0 hear e parr0t ; Amig0(: talkinq & singinq l0udly at e bird sh0w ther . Rec0rd it d0wn even l0rhh :D Sh0w my parents wher I stay durinq e camp at e picnic gr0unds ther wher we had t0 set up 0ur 0wn tents (: Leave JurBirdPark at ar0und 5plus thn went jp wif parents t0 eat dinner ;D Is lyk rch e k0pitiam lia0.. lyk 0nli 6 stalls 0pen 0nli l0rhh -.- l0l!! Eat l0ts 0f dishes c0s lunch 0nli ate french fries & mushr00m s0up at JurBirdPark nia ... :P

Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Arghh!!! :/

0MG(!!) Simply s0 scary:0 Skyride!!!
Will nv f0rgt e wh0le experience (:

Pandas eatinq wheat & sugar canes:P


Lady- lyk kind 0f panda ♥

0MG!! Can u c tt ther is my zordiac ; m0use(: is
lyk beinq cam0uflage within e c0l0r 0f e tree

im s0 brave man!! sittinq 0nt0p 0f e real tiger(!!) :D

P0se wif e cart00n ; kind 0f TIGER(:

Ph0t0 sh0t wif e TIGER:0

G0d bless y0u may all yr WISHES c0me true in yr
academic results & l0VE lifE t00!!
;x0x0 ESTHER

Hiii(: Went t0 my paternal grandma's hse at ar0und 11plus t0 bai nian wif her, recieve 1 h0ngba0 fr grandma ;D Eaten her speciality desert ; black l0ngan (: & 0s0 s0me cny g00dies :P

After tt, went ren ci centre & bai nian wif my maternal grandma ... Rch ther le, saw my grandpa buyinq f00ds at e k0pitiam ther :B Rch ren ci le, saw my uncle; g0d father acc0mpany my grandma (: 0MG!! My uncle wear until s0 red l0rhh..especially his shirt man , l00k exactly lyk a red packet l0rhh ;D Bai nian wif them le, thn receive 3 h0ngba0s (: Aunt will be c0min 0n tue t0 bai nian t0gether wif us c0s they nw nt in singap0re mahh . G0nna visit my grandma 0n tue again t0 meet my c0usins :D

After tt, ar0und 3plus went t0 eat late lunch le thn went t0 river h0ngba0 (!!) Rch ther, saw many pe0ple cr0wdinq ar0und ther jus t0 c e "360 degrees turn ride" 0MG man ! is simply t00 scary l0rhh..i cant believe ther still pe0ple wh0 wan t0 ride man .. c0st fee is lyk 15bucks l0rhh :0 T00k l0ts 0f ph0t0s ther ... im lyk g0nna sunburn man.. uh, my mum take umbrella c0s t00 h0t le mahh, e sun is lyk shinninq 0n us man . Went t0 take my zodiac ; rat (: HAHA(: is lyk s0 cute l0rhh :3 Saw a grp 0f fake pandas d0inq different kinds 0f acti0ns ..will upl0ad e ph0t0s tmr (: Thn, went t0 e theme park ther t0 play e sky ride , c0st fee is lyk 1 entrance is $7.50 :/ Mum paid f0r mii ..(: The wh0le experience is lyk make u s00 dizzy is super fun l0rhh . Is lyk u g0nna sit 0n it thn it will spin fr fast t0 sl0w thn fr l0w t0 high until lyk u can t0uch e sky man .. M0stly is china pe0ple lyk t0 sit tis kind 0f ride l0rhh , bt 0f c0urse still gt s0me 0f my age wan larhh ... Daddy vide0 e wh0le pr0cess 0f e ride (: will p0st it 0n bl0g ! Thn, went marina square t0 eat macd0nalds :P Eat bit by bit c0s nid t0 rest mahh, e ride make mii s0 dizzy man-.-
G0nna visit my relatives thn g0 JurBirdPark tmr(:

Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Mii & grandma♥

Hey pe0ple(!!) 0MG!! t0dae is e eve 0f CNY (: HAHA!! Cant wait t0 gt my h0ngba0 man
-.-" Went t0 my grandma's hse in ar0und 6plus t0 la0 yusheng & eat steamb0at(!!) G0nna g0 visit my relatives tmr & 0s0 0f c0urse t0 gt h0ngba0 larhh (: *gees*

Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Friday, February 12, 2010

HAPPY B'DAE YV0NNE(!!) ;x0x0
0ne yr 0lder, 0ne yr wiser :D

Big 0ccasi0n t0dae..HAHA(: RuiQi & 0thers dedicate a s0ng t0 yv0nne durinq recess tme c0s her b'dae mahh(: f0rgt t0 bring yv0nne's present t0 sch-.-" s0rri:[ will bring 0n wed de;D 0ld le jiu liddat STM~ sh0rt term mem0ry xD

Zhijun gave mii valentine day's ch0c0lates & a red packet(: ;x0x0 C0uncil0rs 0s0 distribute e c00kies tt we 0rder.. Durinq chi peri0d tt tme, che3r let us play games thn gt p0ints de(: c0s cny mahh, lets us relax abit 0s0 :) Thn c0s cher let us play a game thn mus guess e w0rds usinq either act, say 0r draw larhh . Thn yv0nne's grp actinq tt tme, c0s ant0nia keep sayinq yv0nne cheat thn she suddenly thr0w e marker lyk wan cry lyk tis l0rhh . Cher lyk s00 sh0cked l0rhh..didn't n0e tt yv0nne will d0 tt . I think she tryinq t0 say vulgarities l0rhh:/ Thn durinq c0nversati0nal m0ther t0ngue tt tme, write finish e n0tes tt cher giv us le, thn she all0w us t0 d0 0ur 0wn things mahh ..we keep 0n sayin " Samuel l0ve amanda" l0rhh..delvin & e 0thers :D Samuel veri easy paiseah wan l0rhh
-.-" zhijun l00k at him f0r a while thn he w0uld lyk laugh t0 himself l0rhh.. sec0nd qir0nq :D
Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PE0PLE(!!) Jus came bck fr sch . M0rning assembly tt tme, Rafik say w0uld c0nduct a sp0tchek whn c0me bck fr CNY..0MG!! is class by class man:/ Adullah is check e girls thn Rafik & Mrs Cheah is check e b0ys l0rhh . wth?! 0ne by 0ne check si0l~ Gd thing tmr is assemble in class l0rhh(: Thn wait until sch re0pen le thn check . :/
;x0x0♥ -Esther Lautner(:
Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tue events...

Hell00!! S0rri guys f0r nt p0stinq ystdae-.-" Gt cca mahh, thn rch hm jus lay d0wn bed & fell asleep man..Ms j0e did c0me ystdae 0s0, she say mrs cr0thers g0nna c0me 0n fri t0 d0 wif us e musical.
Did nyaa dance ystdae(: mr adam w0re e shirt is lyk s0 small l0rhh, thn whn he raise his hand can 0s0 c e tummy man!! haha(: 0ne 0f e tall guy didn't c0me..thn replaced by an0ther y0ung lady:/ Dun reali lyk her l0rhh:[ she l00k lyk a bitch t0 mii man(!!) Ystdae durinq recess tme e student council0rs went t0 d0 e s0ng dedicati0ns f0r valentine lyk they all cr0wd ar0und jus 2 hear e s0ng larhh..wth?! Went t0 dedicate e s0ng t0 2/6 f0r 0nli $1(: Hahah;D went t0 ch00se Ke$ha; tik t0k :P Thn they purp0sely put e s0ng l0nger mahh, c0s t0 2/6 leyy:D
Wed events

T0dae gt t0 n0e math c0mm0n test results!! g0t 27/40 :D RuiQi gt e highest l0rhh! wth?! nx tme mus win her man:] Jus l0se t0 nicks0n by 1mark 0nli sia.. ms lee say nx math less0n thn g0 thru wif us e ct paper c0s gt 0ne 2/7 girl haven't take yet mahh . Gt t0 c00k at h0me-ec0ns t0dae(: c00k "meat stewed"..quite delici0us larhh..nv c00k bef0re tis dish 0s0 . Zhijun's e grp they all d0 sp0nge cakee(: l00kin f0rward t0 d0 e cake after e less0n after the0ry l0rhh :3 super jeal0us 0f their grp e cher l0rhh..0nli l00k at e f00d appearance thn giv s0 high marks le nt lyk mdm aisyah still mus try sthm0re thn lyk 0nli 6marks f0r mii & yv0nne 0nli:[ Thn their grp 0s0 2wks d0 c0kking thn 1wk d0 the0ry l0rhh:[ try zhijun's cake..quite nice larhh:P bt she & winnie cuttinq tt tme nv cut pr0perly s0 lyk abit untidy l0rhh . Assembly, was quite fun c0s they invited e SAF pe0ple wh0 dressed lyk th0se army 0fficers l0rhh . Bt actually they're pe0ple wh0m play instruments lyk drums & guitars sehh . The MC as well e 0ne wh0 play drum is quite hilarious l0rhh..keep makinq us laugh , thn lyk veri thick-skinned 0s0-.-''
Thn, c0s we waitinq f0r zhijun & huien mahh, thn jingmin put her lunchb0x at e wind0w ther; dunn0e y suddenly whn she g0 tt tme thn dr0p 0n e fl00r, thn jingmin say nt she spill 0n e fl00r de mahh, thn we went canteen tt tme, e cher say she wan n0e wh0 spill 0n e fl00r de.. uh thn j0rdan & nicks0n keep sayin her mahh, s0 she cry mahh, c0s nt she dirty e fl00r 0s0 . aiy00 ...
Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Monday, February 8, 2010

Sch00l as usual~nth much happen..(: t0dae during m0rning assembly, Rafik ask f0r sp0t ye didn't went t0 e fr0nt r0w & check(: HAHA!! saw hw ms debarati check 2/5, wth larhh still mus ask 1 by 1 t0 stand up & let her check nails, s0cks & hair..l0l!! gd thing she nt 0ur CM sia..s0 mafan:[ pity atikah tis kind 0f CM, sthm0re cant even understand wad she talkinq 0s0 l0rhh..n0 0ffence-.-" Finally, hist0ry test is 0ver..c0nfused whether am i satisfied wif e hist0ry test 0r nt..c0mpleted all e questi0ns at last minute sia..even whn Annie lim say "pls put d0wn ur pen" i'm still lyk writinq e last few w0rld l0rhh-.-" HAHA!! dunn0e whether i'ill pass ernt leyy:[ didn't expect ther will be 0nli 2 sh0rt-ans ques l0rhh..h0pe tmr can gt math ct..c0s its been m0re thn 1wk le:(
;x0x0 tayl0r lautner(:
Wh0les0me Sweetheart♥


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Didn't update bl0g 0n sun c0s studyinq f0r hist0ry ct mahh, didn't 0n c0m 0s0:[ Finish designinq e eng br0chure le..c0s g0nna present it 0n m0n..
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Went tuiti0n as usual..after tt, ar0und 3plus went sh0pping wif parents at Pe0ple's Park ther near chinat0wn(!!) HAHA:D br0ught l0ts 0f cl0things..mum spent 0ver 100plus jus buyin all my cl0thes(: THX man!! (: Went 2 e steamb0at at e restaurant c0s dad gt e disc0unt v0ucher:P hee-hee:D Uh..rch hm ar0und 10plus c0s after tt went ntuc buy s0me CNY g00dies:P
alth0ugh we're i will never f0rgt u(:


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

D0 hist0ry skit during hist0ry larhh, at first was 0kay at e rehearse part l0rhh . Thn acting tt tme, weijie suddenly f0rgt his lines thn lyk dunn0e wadd t0 say l0rhh:[ Make us fail sia:/ C0s veri c0nfusinq mahh, thn ms k0kila dunn0e wadd we acting b0ut . Gd thing is 0nli up0n 20 marks 0f e CA1 0nli, still can increase e marks by d0in well in c0mm0n test & CA1 (: Nvm . will d0 even better f0r e upc0min hist0ry ct 0n next m0n :D


Had NYAA b0llyw00d danc t0dae!! Tsk! Went hall thn saw 3 guys sittinq d0wn ther..wadla0 gt 1 damm gay sia, e way he sit 0s0:D After tt, heard fr mr tay tt fr t0dae 0nwards gt b0llyw00d dance le:P Finally!! The guy wh0 taught us called "mr adam" taught us all e dance m0ves..wth larhh, he lyk gay sia, keep 0n askinq us 2 push 0ur chest 0ut-.-" Gt e m0ves rite quicly 0s0 . Jingmin keep 0n laughinq l0rhh..c0s she c 0ther pe0ple d0 veri funny; thn kanna mr tay sc0ld c0s she d0 e wr0ng dance m0ves mahh-.-
l00kin f0rward t0 e next NYAA c0s wan learn m0re 0f e b0llyw00d dance 0s0(:
Went f0r drama as usual(: HAHA!! Ms j0e ask ba0yi be e "M0THER" c0s carissa nt in e musical le mahh:( Thn, ba0yi veri blurr c0s she nt reali veri experienced 0s0:/ HAHA! She & jeremy nw acting as husband & wife thn they mus sing e l0ve s0ng man! 0MG!! :0 s0 mushy l0rhh..HEHE:D Thn, we g0t 2 sing 2 s0ngs..0s0 mus mem0rise:/ h0pe ms j0e will c0me 0n fri(: Seni0rs ask us nid c0me 2pm 0n fri sia..wth larhh! s0 early start sthm0re:/
-x0x0 hugs&kisses♥♥


Monday, February 1, 2010

hihihi(: Ystdae went t0 l0t 1 c SHINEE! :D Is lyk s0 many pe0ple l0rhh..kanna squeeze lyk pancake alrdy. Heard fr my c0usin say s0me even camp ther 0vernite since Sat le:0 Father br0ught mii ther by car . HAHA! ask him t0 carry mii c0s al0t 0f pe0ple in fr0nt mii mahh, thn sthm0re i s0 sh0rt c0nfirm cant c 1 l0rhh:/ 1 0f e SHINEE fan ask taemin whether wad is his fav c0l0r leyy... guess wad man?! is 0range!!! HAHA(: w0uld take n0te de;D t00k l0ts 0f pics, maybe nest tme thn p0st bahh(: They sh0uld n0t ask us 2 g0 until l0t 1 2 c SHINEE l0rhh, 0f all place ch00se ther, y nt ch00se JurP0int larhh?! Thn can l00k d0wn fr upstairs mahh:D Tsk!
Didn't g0 f0r tuiti0n ystdae c0s jus c0me bck fr camp mahh, 0f c0urse mus rest larhh:P 0nli went f0r e aftern00n wan nia... After tt, went 2 ti0ng bahru t0 sh0psh0p(: 0s0 gt buy 2 pants fr "PepperPlus":)
-x0x0 hugs&kisses♥♥


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